How We Do It

How We Started

Over the years, I've watched the boys and men in my life get uncomfortable rashes from conventional mesh/net bathing suit briefs. To help solve this problem, my son, Chris, and I started a company that is focused on developing the most comfortable anti-chafe swimwear for boys and men. The customer response was through the roof, and we realized that there were a lot of other problems we could solve.  This drive is what NoNetz is all about - solving problems that result in higher quality products that make you feel amazing. 

Cathy Paraggio - Founder

We Put Tech In Fabric

We combine raw materials with technology in order to find creative ways to solve clothing problems that impact comfort.  This includes looking for new materials, design the new apparel, test it and then prepare it for the market. As part of this process, the NoNetz team is also working on ways to integrate these products into everyday life where we can enhance the experience from working out to family vacations. We are all about your comfort.

We Like The Earth

Each product is designed with a sustainability metric. Since our supply chain is global and complicated, we evaluate criteria such as fair labor wages, locally sourced, as well as environmentally friendly fabrics and treatments. 

This is literally The Coolest Black Tshirt. It contains innovative hydro-functional polymers that changes its properties in response to body temperature, dynamically evaporating moisture to complement the skin’s natural ability to regulate its temperature. Translation: You get hot, the fabric removes the heat. You cool down, the fabric releases the heat back to you. SMARTees are like having a personal thermostat in your clothes for smart temperature management plus it's bluesign and okeo tex approved (which is the highest environmental approval in the textile world).
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Chris Paraggio Business Dev Mgr, NoNetz

NoNetz SMARTee Temperature Management Shirt

Tell Us What's Wrong With Your Clothes

This was our first problem solver product. We replaced those irritating mesh/net briefs found in most guy's swim trunks with an anti chafe, water resistant, anti bacterial liner that prevents the inner thigh rash. We also test our designs with texture sensitive people, especially those on the autistic spectrum, ensuring these are the most comfortable swim suits ever. Everyone needs peace at the beach.  😊Check them out here.

Cathy Paraggio Founder, NoNetz

Anti Chafe Swim Trunks for boys and men